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The New PlanetAviator.com - It's all about you!

The 'New' PlanetAviator.com! Over three years in the making, the launch of the new, updated, cooler, shinier PlanetAviator.com is finally here!

The “new” PlanetAviator.com builds on what we started, but finally begins to become the site we envisioned all along. We've been listening to you - our members and friends, trying to take the best ideas, suggestions, even complaints and combined them with a few of our own inventions to incorporate everything into a site that is less about us and all about you. From the way you connect with other pilots, your clubs, groups, teams and events to how you plan flights is all new and hopefully easier, on the “new” PlanetAviator.com

Rather than become another big forum we believe our true mission is simply to be the website that makes it easy for our members to organize around their existing, real world groups. More Blogger than Facebook like (but with some FB style features); we want it to be about your flying interests and groups, not ours.

Therefore, with our new features everything for your profile, and created groups, will be in one place. Forums, wall, photo gallery, calendar, member directory, links, documents all in one easy to find place.

First – a refresher: what is Planet Aviator and Why are We Here?

PlanetAviator.com is a website that enables flying groups, clubs, teams, events or even just a few flying buddies to organize, connect, communicate, share information and to help pilots find and stay connected with your groups.

We are here to enable pilots to connect, organize, plan, share information & ideas and ultimately - fly more.

A New Look and Layout

One of the first things you’ll notice is a completely new look & feel for the site. While striving to fix what was broken we also wanted to keep what worked. The result is an overhaul of the entire site. You’ll notice that we’ve minimized us (Planet Aviator) and left the forum focus on you and your groups.

Access to Everything, Organized Around You

We’ve also re-organized the site around an expanded layout making it easier to access all of the various sections, features and content available on the new PlanetAviator.com.


The new control panel puts all of your profile, messages, Groups and frequently accessed information all in one place on every page.

Now everything you’re interested in is just a click away no matter where you are on the site.


New Expanded Profiles & Groups

The new profile page is your command central of your flying world. It’s all about you, your friends, and groups. Stay connected and up to date with friends, post pictures, connect to Twitter, share your blog, and much much more.



Expanded Groups let you create your own community around your clubs, teams, events or even a small group of flying buddies. You can post just about anything, and keep everyone in the loop. Email notifications and subscriptions – one of our favorite new features - ensure everyone knows about what’s going on all the time. Once you join a Group, you customize which types of email notifications you receive. No more missed fly-ins cause you didn’t know someone posted a change on the wall of your group – you’ll get it by email.



One of the best features of the new site is the expanded community page. Rather than just showing forum posts from all of the forums, the new community page summary collects everything posted by all of your friends and all of the groups you belong to in one easy to see place. You can filter the list, comment on posts, avatars and icons show you who posted what and from where within Planet Aviator they posted.

The new community page - click to open


Many New Features

We’ve created more new features than we can list in this article (well OK we could but you would get bored and stop reading) so here are just a few highlights:

The new Pilot Calendar lets you post get-togethers easily. Pre-post an entire monthly schedule for the club, or just post an ad-hoc fly-in to see who’s in. Invites help you let your friends and groups know about your intent to fly and RSVP’s keep track of who’s in and who’s out. Flight changes and cancellations keep everyone up to date when the weather turns foul.


Photo Galleries let you quickly post pics of the latest flight, competition or upgrade on your personal profile or to your team, group or clubs group quickly and easily.


Privacy matters. You can control who sees what on your profile.


Forums are more organized and located within the individual Groups.

Forum Posts are simplified and easier to read.


Already have a blog or website but want to share your posts with everyone? The new Feed Manager lets you import feeds from your blog, Twitter or any other RSS feed. Speaking of Twitter, you can connect your profile on PlanetAviator to Twitter too. Post on PlanetAviator and it’ll go to Twitter at the same time.


OK, So What’s Next?

We’ll do our best to keep you informed of the many more developments we have sitting on the workbench, but, we’re not ready to divulge that information quite yet!

We hope you like what we’ve done with the place!


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